4700 CPU DIO

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The CPU DIO can be used as general purpose IO, or many of them provide alternative functionality as well.

WARNING: CPU DIO pins are 3.3v tolerant, driving them above 3.3v can cause irreparable damage.
DIO Function
MFP_43 GPIO_43
MFP_49 GPIO_49
MFP_51 GPIO_51
MFP_52 GPIO_52
MFP_84 GPIO_84 or PWM2 or One Wire Interface
MFP_85 GPIO_85 or PWM1
MFP_104 GPIO_104 or PWM4
MFP_105 GPIO_105 or I2C_SDA
MFP_106 GPIO_106, I2C_SCL, PWM1
MFP_122 GPIO_122, PWM3

For information on controlling these GPIO see the CPU manual.