8200 Getting Started

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The TS-8200 board has no specific boot sequence since the processor and Linux Operating System are located on the selected TS-4000 Series Macrocontroller. For the rest of the boot and setup procedure, please refer to the manual for the selected TS-4000 series Macrocontroller you are using listed here.

Before attempting to apply power to the TS-8200, perform the following steps while taking proper static discharge precautions

  • Place the TS-8200 base board on a firm non-conductive surface.
  • Carefully, insert the TS-4000 Series Macrocontroller daughterboard by aligning and pressing evenly and firmly onto the pair of mating connectors
  • Connect the console serial terminal cable
  • Connect the Ethernet cable if applicable.
  • Apply power
  • Monitor the TS-SOCKET SBC using a terminal emulator connected to the serial console port to verify that the board is operating properly
  • Connect either a regulated 5.0 to 12.0 VDC on the power input connector or the regulated 5.0 VDC via USB Device port. Please note the polarity printed on the board.