BLE Examples generic running

From Technologic Systems Manuals

With BlueZ and its examples built and installed, it's now possible to start running some of the examples and using them for further development. Below, we highlight a few different examples.

Before running any of the examples, the Bluetooth device must be up and enabled. See the specific device's manual's Bluetooth section for information and steps on how to bring up and enable the on-board Bluetooth device.

However! If the manual's instructions use the hciconfig command, do not run this command! The reason is that recent versions of BlueZ have moved to a more centralized control scheme using bluetoothd. Running the hciconfig command in any way can cause the Bluetooth service to enter an invalid state. If needed, the use of hciattach is safe for attaching the device to the kernel, but btattach is preferred where applicable.

Additionally, most of the examples will require a compatible external device, e.g. a smartphone or other peripheral that is able to connect to other BLE nodes.