Imx28 SPI flash change

From Technologic Systems Manuals

SPI Flash Vendor Change

Due to an EOL notice, the SPI flash on this product is changing. The old part is a Micron N25Q064A13ESE40F. Two new parts were qualified to reduce the impact of any potential EOL in the future. The new parts are the Microchip's SST26VF064BA, and ISSI's IS25LP064A.

Most applications will not be affected by this change unless a custom kernel and initramfs are being written to the SPI flash. In those cases some updates will be required.

Linux Kernel Changes

Rebuilding the latest kernel in our git will include support for these these changes, but the specific commit where the fix is applied is available here: linux-

This change specifically adds support for the SPI devices to the command 'spiflashctl' which is a binary included in the initramfs. The change to 'spiflashctl' is the only change that is required for proper support.

Images with support

Any of our Linux images after March 8th, 2018 include support for this new SPI flash.