Imx6 silex wifi

From Technologic Systems Manuals

Due to an EOL the Wi-Fi module this part is being replaced with the Silex SX-SDMAC2832S+ starting with PCB revision E.

For users who do not use Wi-Fi and write their own image, no action is required to support REV E boards.

For users with custom u-boots this requires a u-boot change to support loading the new PCB revision device trees:

U-boot will now search for the device tree preferring a file with the -rev<pcbrev> in the file name. For example, on a quad core TS-4900 REV E on a TS-TPC-8390 which is baseboard id 2, it will attempt to load these files in this order:

  • imx6q-ts4900-reve-2.dtb
  • imx6q-ts4900-reve.dtb
  • imx6q-ts4900-2.dtb
  • imx6q-ts4900.dtb

Boards before REV E will not attempt to load the reve dtb files.

When using the older images which did not have the pcb rev in the device tree, this will fall back to the older file but the startup output will show this output while it checks for the updated device tree.

Booting from the eMMC ...
** File not found /boot/boot.ub **
** File not found /boot/imx6q-ts4900-reve-2.dtb **
** File not found /boot/imx6q-ts4900-reve.dtb **
42451 bytes read in 126 ms (328.1 KiB/s)

For users with unmodified kernels these can be updated to include the new Wi-Fi support with a tar:

This can be installed directly to the board:

tar -xf linux-4.9.11-20200701.tar.bz2 -C /

This can also be used to install over an existing image:

mkdir /tmp/image/
sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf old-image.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/image/
sudo tar -xf linux-4.9.11-20200701.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/image/
sudo tar --numeric-owner -cjf new-image.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/image .

Users with custom device trees or kernels to support custom carrier boards will need to sync up to our latest sources. The new Wi-Fi module uses the qcacld-2.0 driver which is external to the kernel tree. See the Compile the kernel section for an example of building this external wlan.ko module.

For users with custom kernels these should be updated to our latest commits:

  • 4.9 3544502eff51a659101411ed7879c0596e7c73f5
  • 4.1 04b83989d3930580a2f6ee70ac4483e6728e1fcf

The required firmware is present in our updated images, the above tar including the kernel, or the the silex-firmware recipe in yocto shows the required files and where to install them: