Monochrome LCD

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The 128x64 px. monochrome LCD is connected to the system via SPI and uses a userspace application to format the data, and a driver to send it to the device. The LCD can be used as a generic framebuffer with this setup. The userspace application and driver are included by default, but must be manually run to set up.


Note that its possible with systemd to set this up to auto run on startup, followed by the application that would utilize the screen. This application should start up after all of the necessary modules have been loaded and the helper application has been started.

Two example binaries are also included in order to demonstrate the LCD's capabilities.


Is a simple Cairo demonstration that draws a box, a line, a circle, and some text on to the display.


Will display a bouncing box on the screen.

See the sources for more information on these demos and how they operate.