TS-4200 Errata noreboot

From Technologic Systems Manuals
Synopsis A specific combination of bootrom and FPGA revision will not correctly reboot.
Severity Major
Class Software bug
Affected TS-4200 with Rev 6 FPGA and bootrom date "Sep 16 2011"
Status Software workaround available


Revision 6 of the FPGA was intended to fix a bug that would occur during the FPGA programming of the production process. While this fixed the internal issue, it presented a new issue of not allowing the TS-4200 to reboot when a `ts4200ctl -R` was issue or if the WDT expired. This has been fixed on March 22nd 2012, any boards shipped with this bootrom date will have an updated bootrom that fixes this issue.


The post-bootup workaround is to issue the following command:

devmem 0xfffff864 32 0x00008000

This should be issued in the fastboot shell, or added to the linuxrc. A combination of Rev 6 FPGA and a "Mar 22 2012" bootrom will not need this command any longer as the bootrom has been updated to resolve the issue.