TS-4200 PCN-NAND-Toshiba

From Technologic Systems Manuals
Synopsis The NAND chips used for the TS-4200 changed due to an end-of-life issue from our upstream provider. As a result a new version of the 'nandctl' userspace driver is required for all TS-4200 shipped on or after August 25, 2015.
Severity Major
Class Necessary software change.
Affected All TS-4200 shipped on or after August 25, 2015. The appropriate hardware is identifiable by the brand name TOSHIBA on the chip at U13.
Status New software available.


Due to an end-of-life notice from the previous provider of NAND chips used on the TS-4200, a new provider was chosen and implemented. The new TOSHIBA NAND meets all requirements set forth in the original TS-4200 specification, however due to internal differences in the hardware, a software alteration is necessary within the nandctl user-space driver.


The affected hardware will have U13 populated by a TOSHIBA branded NAND chip. Only TS-4200 with this chip require this software change.

Necessary Action:

The most recent shipping TS-4200 image contains the required nandctl software. If this software is necessary for inclusion in further software duplication processes, it is available on the Technologic Systems FTP server. You can find the shipping SD card image at this location, and the new nandctl binary at this location. This file should be used to replace the old copy of nandctl. WARNING: This file should NOT be installed on a presently operating TS-4200. This file should only be used to replace the existing nandctl file on an SD card or other filesystem image *before* it is mounted as the TS-4200's operating system media.