TS-4200 Restore XNAND

From Technologic Systems Manuals

This needs to be done directly on the SBC. Please note that all NBD partitions from the NAND card must be dismounted before attempting to image the NAND on the SBC.

WARNING: It is not safe to run multiple instances of the 'nandctl' application on this platform. Be sure that all NAND filesystems are unmounted before reading/writing them with the instructions below. The following examples use 'dd' on devices nodes, this operation is safe while 'nandctl' is running, and is the preferred method.

You can find the latest xnand image here.


Entire Image

# Compressed
dd if=/dev/nbd0 bs=131072 count=2048 | bzip2 > backup.dd.bz2
# or uncompressed
dd if=/dev/nbd0 bs=131072 count=2048 of=backup.dd


dd if=/dev/nbd1 bs=512 count=5119 of=/path/to/backup/zImage


dd if=/dev/nbd2 bs=512 count=5120 of=/path/to/backup/initrd


Entire Image

dd if=xnand-4200-latest.dd bs=131072 count=2048 of=/dev/nbd0 conv=fsync


dd of=/dev/nbd1 bs=512 count=5119 if=/path/to/backup/zImage conv=fsync


dd of=/dev/nbd2 bs=512 count=5120 if=/path/to/backup/initrd conv=fsync

Expected Partition Layout

Partition Contents
1 kernel binary (0xda)
2 initrd (0xda)
3 Debian root filesystem (EXT3)