TS-4500 Errata CANhang

From Technologic Systems Manuals
Synopsis MUXBUS access on TS-4500 can hang system
Severity Minor
Class FPGA bug
Affected TS-4500 FPGA revision 4 and below.
Status Workarounds available


The TS-4500 default FPGA load revision 4 and lower does not include MUXBUS mwindow. However if the MUXBUS mwindow address range is probed it will cause the SBUS to hang, causing the WDT to timeout and fire, rebooting the board.


Since the TS-4500 default FPGA load does not include the MUXBUS, the opencore FPGA load marked with "SOCKETmemwindow" must be used to provide MUXBUS support. On affected FPGA revs the MUXBUS range must not be probed. On revision 5 and above these ranges will return 0x0 on every access. See TS-4500#FPGA_Bitstreams for more information on using the opencore bitstreams.