TS-4600 Ethernet

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The CPU implements a 10/100 ethernet controller with support built into the Linux kernel. This device also includes an integrated Marvell Ethernet switch that allows multiple interfaces from one 10/100 port. This allows a total bandwidth of 100 MB/s between both ports.

Note: For the first few seconds after power on, the switched Ethernet ports are in switch mode and will forward STP packets. This can cause some switches to block this Ethernet port before the ports are set up in VLAN mode. Contact us for more details.


The default configuration will have the ports act as 2 individual ports on baseboards where this is supported. When in this mode all network traffic should be directed to eth0.1 and eth0.2, but not eth0 which will not be forwarded outside of the switch. When using the network with the VLAN mode, do not make any configuration changes to eth0, instead only use eth0.1 or eth0.2. On baseboards where the second Ethernet port supports the VLAN ethernet (see note below), /ts/config can be modified to enable Switch mode of the two ports allowing them to behave as a layer 2 Ethernet switch transparently.

## These boards include an onboard switch with 2 external ports.  By default
## the switch will detect if it is on a known baseboard that supports the second
## ethernet switch port, and set up VLAN rules to define eth0.1 and eth0.2.  The
## other option is to configure the switch to pass through the packets to eth0
## regarless of port.
## 2 Disable VLAN and pass through to eth0
## 1 Enable VLAN on all baseboards
## 0 Enable VLAN on supported baseboards (Default)

On the next boot the eth0.1 and eth0.2 ports will not be present but only an eth0. In this case the switch is configured to transparently pass through packets rather than configuring the VLANs.

Note: Some baseboards create 2 Ethernet ports using a USB Ethernet device rather than a connection to the switch IC. This means that the second Ethernet port is not connected to the switch IC and these ports can only ever be used as separate interfaces. Products that use USB Ethernet for the second port include the TS-8100, TS-8390, and TS-8900.

The switch ports can also use tshwctl to detect link and the negotiated link speed:

 root@ts4600-f7c0ff:~# tshwctl --ethinfo
 switch_ports=a b