TS-4600 FPGA Bitstreams

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The FPGA has the capability to be reloaded on startup and reprogram itself with different configurations. The default bitstream is hardcoded into the FPGA, but the soft reloaded bitstreams can be placed in /ts/ts4600-fpga.vme.bz2 on the linux root to make the board load the bitstream on startup. Pre-built FPGA bitstreams can be found on our FTP site. If we do not have a configuration you need, you can build a new bitstream, or contact us for our engineering services.

Bitstream XUARTs SPI MWIN MUXBUS Touchscreen
Default 0-4 On On On On
MUXBUS-SPI 0-5 On On On Off
TS-SPI 0-5 On Off Off On

You can update to the latest FPGA by booting to Debian and running:

cd /ts/
wget https://files.embeddedarm.com/ts-socket-macrocontrollers/ts-4600-linux/binaries/ts-bitstreams/ts4600-fpga-latest.vme.bz2
mv ts4600-fpga-latest.vme.bz2 ts4600-fpga.vme.bz2

The FPGA is loaded in to the FPGA SRAM on every poweron, so this file will need to exist for all future boots.

An FPGA revision changelog can be found in the Revisions and Changes section.