TS-4710-20 FPGA Changelog

From Technologic Systems Manuals
FPGA Revision Log
Revision Changes
  • XUART FIFO blockram corruption fix
  • Added PWM core (used on baseboards like the TS-8700 for slow ADC)
  • Initial TS-4720 support
  • Opencore fixed to meet timing (previous opencores would cause SD corruption on writes)
  • reduced to 6 xuarts to help meet timing
  • 8-bit I/O fixed
  • Added auto mute TX when TXEN enabled on XUARTs
  • Added optional 14.3MHz clock
  • Added alternate touch screen pin location
  • Added optional 25MHz clock
1 Enabled XUARTs and CAN
0 Initial release

You can update to the latest FPGA by booting to Debian and running:

cd /ts/
wget ftp://ftp.embeddedarm.com/ts-socket-macrocontrollers/ts-4710-linux/binaries/ts-bitstreams/ts4710-fpga-latest.vme.bz2
# The TS-4710 and TS-4712 use the same FPGA.  This will 
# move it to the correct name for either.
mv ts4710-fpga-latest.vme.bz2 ts$(cat /dev/tsmodel)-fpga.vme.bz2

The FPGA is loaded in to the FPGA SRAM on every load, so this file will need to exist for all future boots.