TS-4710 PC104

From Technologic Systems Manuals

You can use the included ts4700_isa16550 driver to load support for various devices such as the TS-IRIDIUM, or TS-MULTI-104.

For example, to load a single device:

# Assumes COM1 and IRQ7 jumpers are set
modprobe ts4700_isa16550 com=0x3f8 irq=7

If you are loading multiple devices, you can specify the COM and IRQ in a single command. For example, to set up a TS-SER4 with only jumpers IRQ4, IRQ2, and COM1 set:

modprobe ts4700_isa16550 irq=6,6,6,6 com=0x3f8,0x2f8,0x3e8,0x2e8

This driver assumes the PC104 base is at 0x0 of the muxbus, but some baseboards such as the TS-8900 use another offset for PC104. This can be specified with the iobase argument:

modprobe ts4700_isa16550 com=0x3f8 irq=7 iobase=0x81008800