TS-4800 FPGA

From Technologic Systems Manuals

Any external interfaces called for by the TS-SOCKET specification that are not provided by the CPU are implemented in the FPGA whenever possible. The FPGA is connected to the CPU by a static memory controller, and as a result the FPGA can provide registers in the CPU memory space.

While most common functionality for the TS-4800 is accessed through layers of software that are already written, some features may require talking directly to the FPGA. To access the FPGA registers you need to use 16bit reads and writes to the base address 0xb0000000. All of our FPGA cores will be offsets from this address. While some cores have 8 bit registers, these are accessed using a memory window.

Register Map:

Offset Usage
0x00000 16KB blockram access (for XUART buffer)
0x10000 Syscon registers
0x11000 4KB MUXBUS space
0x12000 Touchscreen registers
0x13000 SPI Interface
0x14000 Motor Controller
0x15000 IRQ Controller
0x16000 ADC control register
0x18000 XUART Control registers
0x1a000 CAN0 8-bit Window
0x1b000 CAN1 8-bit Window
0x1c000 XUART 32-bit Window