TS-4900 Debian Changelog

From Technologic Systems Manuals
Image Changes
  • Initial Release
  • Updated kernel with significant fixes, see github for more information.
  • Included first TS-7970 FPGA
  • New kernel - 3.10.53 (from freescale's 3.10.53_1.1.0_ga) instead of 3.10.17.
    • Fixed CAN dropped frames (just under 1% of frames were dropped on 3.10.17)
    • Fixed reported UART RX fifo overflows
    • GPU fixes
    • Kernel includes compiled in splash screen for quick graphical response on boot
  • TS-TPC-8950 support added
  • New FPGA (crossbar added, bluetooth fixed, and max3100 implemented)
  • Added bluez, wireless-tools, usbutils, nfs-common, and pciutils into the image.
  • Added Openssh server (generates on first boot)
  • First update to Debian Jessie
  • Included kernel support for TS-7970 REV A
  • Updated to latest TS-4900 FPGA (20150603)
  • Included openssh, generates keys on first boot. Remove /etc/ssh/*key* to regenerate.
  • Included latest ts4900-utils with TS-7970 support.
  • Fixed TS-7970 ttyMAX uarts (requires FPGA update)
  • Fixed resolv.conf symlink to use resolvd
  • Updated to 3.14.52 kernel
  • Corrected TS-TPC-8950 calibration
  • Moved to 4.1.15 kernel
  • Updated Debian to latest Jessie changes
  • Added latest ts4900-utils with improved TS-TPC-7990 support.
  • Added support for TS-7970 REV D hardware
  • Added support for TS-7990 REV B hardware
  • Fixed resolv.conf symlink
  • Added nfs-common
  • Cleaned up old temporary files
  • Fixed regression in TS-TPC-8950 support
  • Adds root.version to list image date
  • Fixed issue of missing U-boot splash screen disabling the backlight on REV B boards.
  • Fixed potential issue with WIFI not being recognized.
  • Added support for #TS-DC799-SILO board.
  • Added support for TS-TPC-7990 REV C in kernel and ts4900-utils
  • Updated kernel
    • Fixed issue with ttyMAX* UARTs losing data or requiring the user to transmit before it continues to receive again
    • Fixed issue with ttyMAX* loopbacks dropping the first character
    • Added wilc3000 support for TS-TPC-7990 REV C WIFI
  • Add support for SST26VF064BA, and IS25LP064A spi flashes
  • Initial port to Debian Stretch
  • Added support for TS-MINI-ADC
  • Updated kernel to support the offboard SPI Chip select on TS-7990 REV C.
  • Updated to Debian Buster (10)
  • Updated to Linux 4.9.11
  • Added SILEX SDMAC+ support for TS-4900 REV E and TS-7970 REV F
  • Updated to latest kernel revision with less verbose qcacld messages
  • Kernel update to fix imx_thermal support when the board is already heat soaked past the passive cooling temp.