TS-4900 Power Consumption

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The TS-4900's power consumption can vary a lot depending on the build and activity of the board. Most of the power savings happens automatically when the CPU and GPU are idle, but it is also possible to disable the Ethernet PHY for additional savings. No savings were observed putting eMMC or the ICE40 in reset.

# Put ETH PHY in reset
echo "116" > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo "high" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio116/direction

These tests are performed on a TS-8550 with most active components removed to measure power of just the TS-4900 itself. Ethernet is not connected unless otherwise specified, and serial is disconnected during the measurement. Not all combinations are included in these tests but the TS-4900-1024-S10S-C is the lowest power consumption board, and the TS-4900-2048-4096F-Q10S-RTC-WIFI-E consumes the most power.

Test Average (W) Max (W)
Idle with Ethernet PHY in reset 0.59 1.48
Idle (no changes) 0.99 1.88
Idle (ethernet connected) 1.25 2.37
Busy CPU (openssl speed) 1.94 3.35
Test Average (W) Max (W)
Idle with Ethernet PHY in reset 1.28 2.31
Idle (no changes) 1.66 2.70
Idle (ethernet connected) 1.99 3.59
WIFI active (iperf over wpa2) 2.50 4.48
Busy CPU (5x openssl speed) 4.76 6.33
Busy CPU+GPU 4.90 10.35