TS-4900 Windows CE Sections

From Technologic Systems Manuals

1 Installing

The example Windows image for the TS-4900 (Solo (TS-4900-S-WIN-I) or Quad-core (TS-4900-Q-WIN-E)) is available from Guruce here. The download kit includes all utilities and instructions necessary to install both Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and the associated SDK for development on the TS-4900 in Visual Studio. Care should be taken to obtain the "solo" or "quad core" version appropriate for the TS-4900 device actually being used.


The FPGA on the TS-4900 is a soft-programmable ICE40. In Linux, loading of the default FPGA image is handled by the OS bootloader. In the case of Windows, this functionality is separate. Technologic Systems provides an example of how to load this file in the git archive at the embeddedarm github. Note, GuruCE version r1100 and previous do not set up the FPGA clock pin. In this case user intervention on the serial console is required during boot. See the [#r1100_special_instructions] for information on this workaround.

2.1 r1100

To temporarily enable the FPGA clock on the TS-4900, break into the eBoot bootloader by pressing space bar during the first second of powerup. Press B at the eBoot menu to drop to eBoot console, then enter "s 0x020E022C 0x3" at the prompt (without the quotation marks), press enter, q, r, l, and wait for the nk.bin to load. The FPGA clock is now running and your FPGA loader can function as designed.