TS-7100 IO Terminal Block

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The TS-7100 features a 2x16 IO header accompanied by a removable terminal block with spring clamps. This terminal block supports wire thicknesses in the range AWG 24-16. Its manufacturer is On Shore (OSTNL321003),

Important note: All connector descriptions assume that the board is sitting "right side up" on a lab bench. When looking at the LCD of a TS-7100's enclosure, the top of the board within actually faces away. In that sense, the board is "upside-down" relative to the connector shown in this manual. The photo on the right illustrates the connector's pins oriented like the diagram below on the left. In other words, remember that for the board inside to "face upward", the enclosure must rest with the LCD facing down. For a TS-7100 in its enclosure, a connector pin may be most convenient to locate by referring to the physical label or the diagram on the splash screen. Unlike the diagrams here, those are drawn with the assumption that the LCD is facing up.

To insert or remove a wire to an individual terminal block pin, press and hold in the orange tab near the pin.

To remove the entire terminal block from the connector, press down the orange tabs on both sides. The tabs will flip back up after re-inserting the block.

TS-7100 IO Terminal Block.png TS-7100 IO Terminal Block Photo.jpg

Pin Schematic Name Description
1 TXD_1_232 ttymxc1 RS-232 TXD
2 RELAY_1_NO Relay 1 Normally Open
3 RXD_1_232 ttymxc1 RS-232 RXD
4 RELAY_1_NC Relay 1 Normally Closed
5 TXD_2_232 ttymxc4 RS-232 TXD
6 RELAY_1_COM Relay 1 Common
7 RXD_2_232 ttymxc4 RS-232 RXD
8 RELAY_2_NO Relay 2 Normally Open
9 DIG_IN_1_STC GPIO Bank 5 IO 6
10 RELAY_2_NC Relay 2 Normally Closed
11 DIG_IN_2_STC GPIO Bank 5 IO 7
12 RELAY_2_COM Relay 2 Common
13 DIG_IN_3_STC GPIO Bank 5 IO 8
14 DIO_1_STC Output Bank 5 IO 0 or Input Bank 5 IO 2
15 IO_CAN_L CAN_L (can0)
16 DIO_2_STC Output Bank 5 IO 1 or Input Bank 5 IO 3
17 IO_CAN_H CAN_H (can0)
18 DIO_3_STC Output Bank 6 IO 13 or Input Bank 5 IO 4
19 AN_4_STC ADC #1 input 0
20 GND
21 AN_3_STC ADC #1 input 9
22 GND
23 AN_2_STC ADC #1 input 8
24 GND
25 AN_1_STC ADC #1 input 5
26 GND
27 HS_SW_OUTPUT AN_0 or High Side Switch Bank 5 IO 15
28 GND
29 IO_RS485_PLUS ttyS0 RS-485+
30 GND
31 IO_RS485_MINUS ttyS0 RS-485-
32 GND