TS-7250-V3 TS-DIO24

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8-bit IO

The TS-DIO24 provides 24 0-5V digital I/O. The I/O connector is an Opto-22 compatible interface that provides 16 I/O points configurable as input or output (24 mA as outputs) as well as 4 dedicated outputs capable of driving 48 mA and 4 dedicated outputs capable of sinking 1 Amp

Refer to the TS-DIO24 manual for register / hardware documentation:

The TS-DIO24 currently does not have a kernel driver which would be needed to use the interrupts. The Digital inputs/outputs however can be used from userspace without a driver.

This example assumes no jumpers are installed on the TS-DIO24.

# Verify the TS-DIO24 is detected.  This should return 0x54
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x100

# Set A0 to 5V and turn off the rest of A
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x105 0x1

# Set PORT B to to high outputs, and set PORT C to an input
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x106 0xff # PORT B Data
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x104 0x2 # B output, C input

# Read PORT C
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x107