TS-7250-V3 TS-RELAY8

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8-bit IO

The TS-RELAY8 includes 8 SPDT relays. These are capable of switching up to 5A at 30VDC or 30VAC.

See sections of the TS-RELAY8 guide for register / jumper documentation:

WARNING: The TS-RELAY8 will energize relays immediately on poweron due to a hardware bug with this specific combination of hardware. Make sure your usage can tolerate this small flicker on poweron of several ms.

This example assumes no jumpers are installed on the TS-RELAY8.

# Verify the TS-RELAY8 is detected.  This should return 0x9b
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x140

# Turn on just RLY1
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x142 0x1

#Turn on RLY1 and RLY4
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x142 0x9

# Turn on all relays.
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x142 0xFF

# Turn off all relays (default state)
pc104_peekpoke io 8 0x142 0x0