TS-7600 Accessing Hardware Registers

From Technologic Systems Manuals

This board implements the NUBS bridge between the CPU and FPGA. The CPU does not implement an SMC bus, because of this the NBUS was created to make an atomic bus using a non-atomic interface. Because it is a non-atomic interface, a locking mechanism using semaphores must be used in order to ensure that two processes do not try to access the NBUS at the same time. When writing applications that communicate over the NBUS you should use the calls in nbus.c and nbus.h. These will compile for c/c++ but if you are using another language such as Java or Python the best implementation is typically to write your hardware accesses in C, and use your languages popen/system() calls to execute the application handling NBUS calls.

All of the registers used in this example code are documented in the Syscon.