TS-7600 Image Changelog

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Image File Changelog Known Issues
  • Initial release
  • 2GB Image
  • Added TS-8150 support.
  • Added TS-8920 support.
  • Implemented default splash screen, see /ts/splash
  • Audio support (sgtl5000, wm8750, sii9022)
    • Audio startup noise added, see /ts/startup.wav
  • AutoStart X11 in the initramfs
    • Configure started apps with /ts/initramfs-xinit
  • Default x session changed to icewm-lite for faster boot time
  • ifplugd is no longer run when jp1 is set due to race condition
    • Configure the network in Debian once you are booting there
  • check-usb-update implemented
    • Plug in a USB drive with 1 partition containing /tsinit which will automatically run. Used primarily for production.
  • Marvell Switch Chip fixes added
  • Wheezy updated to latest in repository
  • Added support for both onboard/offboard switches
    • Used in cases such as TS-4600 + TS-8700
  • Xuartctl defaults to 100hz instead of IRQ driven
    • IRQ behavior is specifically tuned for best latency, but requires high CPU
  • ts-sendsigs-omit script fixes so multiple nbd-clients or xuartctls are not killed early in shutdown
  • Root filesystem is now always /dev/rootfs
  • TS-8700 switch reset race condition fixed
  • tshwctl minor fixes
    • ethinfo overflow fixed
    • tagmem is now only written if value actually changed with setjp/removejp/setmac
  • Image sized for already shipping 4GB MicroSD cards
  • Unionfs disabled due to kernel panics
  • Added support for DoubleStore formatted SD cards
  • TS-8400 support completed
  • ifpulgd now starts on switch interfaces correctly
  • /ts/config file create to allow for further configuration of the initramfs. See this file for more information.
  • Soft Jumpers 2,3,4,5 have been removed and are implemented in the /ts/config file which allows more than 8 settings
    • The config file allows enabling and configuring utilities like ifplugd, xuartctl, mdnsd, and more.
    • Read only jumper 4 removed due to bugs with unionfs.
    • Behavior of JP1 and JP8 are not changed
    • JP7 added to minimize initramfs initialization for fastest boot.
  • X11 in Debian started with correct HOME variable so a valid .Xauthority file is created
    • This allows DISPLAY=:0 to work, and fixes some dns resolution issues
  • /etc/init.d/motd updated to include additional information for debugging
  • Initramfs will correctly wait for SD cards to detect, prior image created race condition potential
  • On all boots, always load base USB drivers. OTG needs special load order to work properly as host (top USB port is OTG)
  • resolv.conf in initramfs and Debian will correctly use DHCP assigned servers
  • Removed udev persistent-net-rules that was present in previous image
  • Removed /ts/fastboot that was present in previous image
  • Moved getrtc so it is always run
  • Fixed race condition by waiting until disk is detected
  • Removed unnecessary modprobes
  • Made sure USB modules get fully loaded
  • Cleaned up RTC code and implemented better locking around I2C functions
  • Removed unused bootdev
  • Issue with tshwctl and nbus that can cause corrupt transactions if tshwctl nbus commands run repeatedly in a quick loop
  • Added back in external_temp measurements on 4600 and 7600
  • Change --ethwlan short option to -5, no longer conflicts
  • Changed mux to make sure USB ID pin stays in place
  • Implement Marvell's workaround for errata 3.1 for 10mbps connections
  • Added help output for resetswitch* for all mx28s
  • Fixed numbering error in rtcinfo
  • Add 2s to current time to account for delay in writing to RTC
  • Issue with tshwctl and nbus that can cause corrupt transactions if tshwctl nbus commands run repeatedly in a quick loop
  • Fixed issue with tshwctl nbus setup process that could cause corrupt transactions
  • Added CAN modules and pin setup
  • Updated X input driver to allow for custom calibration data at /slib/ts_calib
  • Created necessary calibration file for TS-4600/8380
  • Automatically enable audio output for TS-4600/8380
  • A separate command is needed to enable DIO override for CAN on the TS-7600. In the next release this will be added as a flag to `tshwctl` for easier activation.
  • Added CAN enable option to tshwctl
  • Fixed tshwctl bug in get/set/clr dio operations
  • Added ability to swap and invert touch axes in /slib/ts_calib
  • Increase max timeout for spiflashctl --erase command to what is specified in datasheet
  • Fixed issues with both NBD and DoubleStore; greatly increased reliability over operational lifetime
  • Brought in patches to FEC PHY driver. Previous kernels have chance for ping-pong link establishment or failed link establishment with certain network partners
  • Fixed MUXBUS bug on TS-4600. NBUS transactions that can delay too long can cause the transaction to hang. Only observed with MUXBUS access.
  • Resolved rare event where switch IC would receive a double reset.
  • Added support for new SPI flash chips