From Technologic Systems Manuals

The TS-8820 offers 6 digital outputs. OUT1 through OUT4 are isolated and act as a solid state relay capable of switching up to 40 VDC at 1 A continuous draw. OUT5 and OUT6 are non-isolated, able to sink up to 1 A continuous current, and are 40 VDC tolerant.

The outputs can be controlled directly through the 'ts8820ctl' application. See "ts8820ctl.c" and "ts8820.c" for examples of how this writes to the TS-8820 registers.

With the 'ts8820ctl' application, all 6 outputs are manipulated in a single command. That is, a 6-bit value is passed as an argument, and that value is directly set to the outputs. For example, to set OUT5:

ts8820ctl --setdio=0x10

When an output is activated its associated LED indicator is enabled to provide visual feedback.