From Technologic Systems Manuals

The TS-8820 is powered by a Lattice XP2 FPGA with 5000 LUTs. Many but not all of the features listed in chapter 5 are driven by FPGA logic. The hardware functionality described in this document is programmed in the FPGA at the factory by default. The TS-SOCKET macrocontroller also has an FPGA, but when an FPGA is mentioned in this document it should be assumed that the TS-8820 FPGA is being discussed.

The macrocontroller SoM communicates with the TS-8820 FPGA using the MUXBUS, a simple address/data bus defined by Technologic Systems and implemented in the macrocontroller FPGA. TS-8820 application developers do not need to understand the full hardware stack that enables TS-8820 registers to be accessed in memory space. It is necessary to program the MUXBUS registers with values that work for the TS-8820. See ts8820ctl source code for an example.

For applications that require custom logic or interfaces, contact Technologic Systems regarding custom FPGA customization. Sources for the The TS-8820 FPGA are also available via special arrangement with Technologic Systems, contact sales@embeddedarm.com for more information.