TS-IRIDIUM Status Codes

From Technologic Systems Manuals
AT+SBDIX Status Codes
<these come from the gateway>
0: MO message successful send.
1: MO message sent successful, but the MT message queue was too big to receive.
2: MO message sent, but requested location update was not accepted.
3-4:Reserved, but indicates MO session success.
5-8:Reserved, but indicates MO session failure.
10: Gateway reported timeout.
11: MO message queue full at gateway.
12: MO message has too many segments.
13: Gateway reported session did not complete.
14: Invalid segment size.
15: Access Denied!
<these come from the transceiver>
16: Transceiver is locked and may not make SBD calls (see +CULK). AKA call the service provider.
17: Gateway not responding (local session timeout).
18: Connection lost (RF drop).
19-31: Reserved, but indicate MO session failed.
32: No network service, unable to initiate call.
33: Antenna fault, unable to initiate call.
34: Radio is disabled, unable to initiate (turn on the radio with at*r1).
35: Transceiver is busy, try again (transceiver is probably doing auto-negotiation).
36: Reserved, but indicates failure.