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On all of our baseboards we include 2 indicator LEDs which are under software control. You can manipulate these using "{{{1}}} --greenledon --redledon" or "{{{1}}} --greenledoff --redledoff". The LEDs have 4 behaviors from default software.

Green Behavior Red behavior Meaning
Solid Green No red System is booted and running
Solid Green Red for approximately 15s Once the system has booted the kernel and executed the startup script, it will check for a USB device and then determine if it is a mass storage device. This is used for updates/blasting through USB. Once it determines this is not a mass storage device the red LED will turn back off.
Green solid for 10s, off for 100ms, and repeating Red turns on after green turns off for 300ms, and then turns off for 10s The watchdog is continuously resetting the board. This happens when the system cannot find a valid boot device, or the watchdog is otherwise not being fed. This is normally fed by {{{1}}} once a valid boot media has started. See the #Watchdog section for more details, and verify you have a valid boot media.
Green Off Red Off The FPGA is not able to start. Typically either the board is not being supplied with enough voltage, or the FPGA has been otherwise damaged. If a stable 5V is being provided and the supply is capable of providing at least 1A to the macrocontroller, an RMA is suggested.
Green blinking about 5ms on, about 10ms off. Red blinking about 5ms on, about 10ms off. The board is receiving too little voltage, or something is drawing too much current from the macrocontroller's 3.3V rail.