TS-4200 FPGA

From Technologic Systems Manuals

The TS-4200 features a Low power Actel FPGA clocked by the CPU only when needed. This FPGA is not end user programmable, but you can use the MUXBUS to allow communication to an offboard FPGA. The TS-4200 provides access to the FPGA in an 8 bit region and a 16 bit region. The 8 bit base address is 0x10000000. The 16 bit base address is 0x30000000. All registers inside the TS-4200 FPGA are 16 bit registers and should be accessed via the 16 bit space. The 8 bit space is only needed for off-board 8 bit devices on the MUXBUS. To access hardware cores in the FPGA, add the offset in the table below to the base address.

This table shows our top level decode for the FPGA. Use the 16 or 8 bit address with these offsets to talk to our various FPGA cores.

Offset Usage
0x0 Syscon registers
0x080 ADC registers (for off-board ADC)
0x100 NAND flash registers
0x200 NVRAM control registers
0x400 1KB MUXBUS space
0x800 2KB Direct blockram access (For NVRAM transfers)