TS-7250-V3 PC104 Header

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The PC104 connector consists of four rows of pins labelled A-D. The PC104 standard implements an ISA bus over these headers, but we also include the ability for almost all of the pins to be used as DIO.

TS-7250-V3 PC104 pinout.svg

Pin Name GPIO Pin Name GPIO Pin Name GPIO Pin Name GPIO
B31 GND N/A A31 ISA_ADD_00 N/A
B30 ISA_14_3_MHZ N/A A30 ISA_ADD_01 N/A
B29 5V N/A A29 ISA_ADD_02 N/A
B28 ISA_BALE Bank 6 IO 1 A28 ISA_ADD_03 N/A C19 GND N/A D19 GND N/A
B27 ISA_TC Bank 6 IO 2 A27 ISA_ADD_04 N/A C18 ISA_DAT_15 N/A D18 GND N/A
B26 ISA_DACK2 Bank 6 IO 10 A26 ISA_ADD_05 N/A C17 ISA_DAT_14 N/A D17 Unused N/A
B25 ISA_IRQ3 N/A A25 ISA_ADD_06 N/A C16 ISA_DAT_13 N/A D16 +5V N/A
B24 GND N/A A24 ISA_ADD_07 N/A C15 ISA_DAT_12 N/A D15 ISA_DRQ7 Bank 7 IO 12
B23 ISA_IRQ5 N/A A23 ISA_ADD_08 N/A C14 ISA_DAT_11 N/A D14 ISA_DACK7 Bank 7 IO 11
B22 ISA_IRQ6 N/A A22 ISA_ADD_09 N/A C13 ISA_DAT_10 N/A D13 ISA_DRQ6 Bank 7 IO 10
B21 ISA_IRQ7 N/A A21 ISA_ADD_10 N/A C12 ISA_DAT_09 N/A D12 ISA_DACK6 Bank 7 IO 9
B20 ISA_BCLK N/A A20 ISA_ADD_11 N/A C11 ISA_DAT_08 N/A D11 ISA_DRQ5 Bank 7 IO 8
B19 ISA_REFRESH Bank 6 IO 6 A19 ISA_ADD_12 N/A C10 Unused N/A D10 ISA_DACK5 Bank 7 IO 7
B18 ISA_DRQ1 Bank 6 IO 7 A18 ISA_ADD_13 N/A C09 Unused N/A D09 ISA_DRQ0 Bank 7 IO 6
B17 ISA_DACK1 N/A A17 ISA_ADD_14 N/A C08 Unused N/A D08 ISA_DACK0 Bank 7 IO 5
B16 ISA_DRQ3 Bank 6 IO 12 A16 ISA_ADD_15 N/A C07 Unused N/A D07 ISA_IRQ14 Bank 7 IO 4
B15 ISA_DACK3 Bank 6 IO 13 A15 ISA_ADD_16 N/A C06 Unused N/A D06 ISA_IRQ15 Bank 7 IO 3
B14 ISA_IOR N/A A14 ISA_ADD_17 N/A C05 N/A Unused D05 ISA_IRQ12 Bank 7 IO 2
B13 ISA_IOW N/A A13 ISA_ADD_18 N/A C04 Unused N/A D04 ISA_IRQ11 Bank 7 IO 1
B12 ISA_MEMR N/A A12 ISA_ADD_19 N/A C03 Unused N/A D03 ISA_IRQ10 Bank 7 IO 0
B11 ISA_MEMW N/A A11 ISA_AEN N/A C02 Unused N/A D02 ISA_IO16 N/A
B10 GND N/A A10 ISA_IORDY Bank 6 IO 5 C01 Unused N/A D01 ISA_MEM16 N/A
B09 Unused N/A A09 ISA_DAT_00 N/A C00 GND N/A D00 GND N/A
B08 ISA_ENDX Bank 6 IO 3 A08 ISA_DAT_01 N/A
B07 Unused N/A A07 ISA_DAT_03 N/A
B06 ISA_DRQ2 Bank 6 IO 9 A06 ISA_DAT_04 N/A
B05 3.3V [1] N/A A05 ISA_DAT_05 N/A
B03 Unused N/A A03 ISA_DAT_06 N/A
B02 ISA_RESET Bank 2 IO 7 [2] A02 ISA_DAT_07 N/A
B01 GND N/A A01 ISA_IOCHK Bank 2 IO 8
  1. The PC104 standard uses -5V here. If a third party device is used that might use this rail, FB17 should be removed.
  2. This is automatically controlled by the ts-pc104 driver