TS-8100 Options

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TS-8100 Options
Item Description
TS-8100 The TS-8100 is a TS-Socket Baseboard including a PC104 bus, DIO, RS232, RS485, and an optional second ethernet.
OP-8100-ETH The optional "OP-ETH" replaces the push button and instead populates a second ethernet port. This utilizes a USB ethernet which will work with any macrocontroller.
OP-CAN2-485 The optional "OP-CAN2-485" includes the optional second #CAN and RS485 transceiver.
OP-STHRU-64 The option "OP-STHRU-64" includes a 64 pin PC104 connector that extends the pins so the TS-8100 does not need to be the base of the PC104 stack. This option is not required for stacking PC104 peripehral on the TS-8100 as the peripherals include a stack through connector.

The other options include:

Item Description
RC-DB9 The RC-DB9 brings out the 10 pin connection to a DB9. See the RC-DB9 page for the exact pinout. The red line indicates pin 1 and should be lined up with the white dot on the board.
CB-DB9-Y CB-DB9-Y description
CB-USB-AF5P The CB-USB-AF5P connects from a standard 5 pin 0.1" pitch header to a USB A host. This can be used to expose a single USB port while keeping the rest internal to your own enclosure.
CB7-05 The CB7-05 is a 5 foot null modem cable. This is commonly used to connect to your workstation.
KPAD The KPAD is a 4x4 keypad compatible with the DIO header on the TS-81XX.
LCD-LED LCD-LED description
PS-12VDC-REG-2P2 PS-12VDC-REG-2P2 description
PS-5VDC-REG-2P1 PS-5VDC-REG-2P1 description
TS-ENC720-7200 TS-ENC720-7200 description
WIFI-N-USB The WIFI-N-USB is an ASUS 802.11N adapter. See the WIFI-N-USB page for more details.
KPAD-LCD KPAD-LCD description