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Released Mar. 2011
Product Page
Mechanical Drawing

1 Overview

The TS-8160 is a TS-SOCKET baseboard that provides an upgrade path for Technologic Systems TS-7260 and TS-7800 products. This board accepts any TS-4xxx macrocontroller. It interfaces to the macrocontroller via two TS-SOCKET standard 100-pin connectors and brings out the various ports to industry standard connectors. The TS-8160 is compatible with the TS-ENC720 enclosure.

1.1 TS-4200

See the TS-4200 page for functionality regarding the CPU, FPGA, and OS.

TS-4200 Atmel AT91SAM9G20 400MHz ARM9

2 Getting Started

Before attempting to apply power to the baseboard, perform the following steps while taking proper static discharge precautions

  • Place the TS-8160 base board on a firm non-conductive surface.
  • Place the COM1 "Console Enable" jumper in the console position so the debug port is brought out.
  • Carefully, insert the macrocontroller daughterboard by aligning and pressing evenly and firmly onto the pair of mating connectors
  • Connect the console serial terminal cable
  • Connect the Ethernet cable is applicable.
  • Apply power
  • Monitor the TS-SOCKET SBC using a terminal emulator connected to the serial console port to verify that the board is operating properly

See the TS-4200 page for more details on dealing with the functionality of the macrocontroller.

3 Features

3.1 Software

The TS-8160 baseboards contains no processor or memory, and therefore do not have software on the board. All required software is supplied and executes on the selected Macrocontroller. There is a specific utility called ts8160ctl that runs on the attached Macrocontroller when paired with the TS-8160, and is used to set the sleep mode and sleep mode timing. There is no other software directly associated with the TS-8100/8160. The ts8160ctl is available here.