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Product Page
Mechanical Drawing

1 Overview

The TS-SER4 is a PC/104 expansion card with four serial ports using the PC standard 16C550 type UARTs (with 16-byte FIFOs). All four COM ports support RS-232 levels and two of these COM ports can optionally support RS-422/ RS-485 levels.

A flexible interrupt sharing design allows for a large number of COM ports using a minimum number of interrupts. An interrupt status register allows rapid identification of the interrupt source.

This product uses a multi-layer PCB with power and ground planes to minimize noise and EMI issues. The TS-SER4 only requires a single 5V power supply.

2 Getting Started

See your SBC's PC104 section for information on the ISA 16550 driver and getting a connection to the COM device.

3 Serial Ports

The two serial ports that are labeled COM_A and COM_B support RS-232 levels only. The two serial ports labeled COM_C and COM_D support a subset of RS-232C handshakes lines that is sufficient for the vast majority of applications. In addition these two ports can optionally have RS-485/RS-422 drivers. The table below shows these ports.

4 COM/IO Selection

On On On 2e8 3e8
On Off On 2f8 3f8
Off On On 260 268
Off Off On Disabled Disabled
On On Off 250 258
On Off Off 220 228
Off On Off 210 218
Off Off Off Disabled Disabled
Note: JP18 is shared with the parallel port

5 Parallel Port

The parallel port is a standard PS/2 mode bidirectional port. It can be assigned to 5 different I/O locations or disabled completely. The parallel port can use interrupts 7 and 9. To select the desired interrupt, simply install a jumper on the associated pins in the IRQ jumper block.

JP16 JP17 JP18 LPT Address
On On On 278
On Off On 378
Off On On 3bc
Off Off On Disabled
On On Off 278
On Off Off 27c
Off On Off 37c
Off Off Off Disabled