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== Macrocontrollers ==
== Macrocontrollers ==
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4900.jpg|TS-4900|TS-4900|Freescale i.MX6 1GHz Cortex-A9}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4900.jpg|TS-4900|TS-4900|Freescale i.MX6<br>1 GHz Cortex-A9}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4800.jpg|TS-4800|TS-4800|Freescale i.MX515 800MHz Cortex-A8}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4800.jpg|TS-4800|TS-4800|Freescale i.MX515 800 MHz Cortex-A8}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4740.jpg|TS-4740|TS-4740|Marvell PXA168 1066MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), FPGA}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4740.jpg|TS-4740|TS-4740|Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), FPGA}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4720.jpg|TS-4720|TS-4720|Marvell PXA168 1066MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), eMMC}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4720.jpg|TS-4720|TS-4720|Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), eMMC}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4712.jpg|TS-4712|TS-4712|Marvell PXA168 1066MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), 2 Eth}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4712.jpg|TS-4712|TS-4712|Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), 2 Eth}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4710.jpg|TS-4710|TS-4710|Marvell PXA168 1066MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), 2 mSD}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4710.jpg|TS-4710|TS-4710|Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), 2 mSD}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:Ts-4700.jpg|TS-4700|TS-4700|Marvell PXA166 800MHz Mohawk (ARMv5)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:Ts-4700.jpg|TS-4700|TS-4700|Marvell PXA166<br>800 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4600.jpg|TS-4600|TS-4600|Freescale i.MX283 454MHz ARM9E (ARMv5)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4600.jpg|TS-4600|TS-4600|Freescale i.MX283 454 MHz ARM9E (ARMv5)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4500.jpg|TS-4500|TS-4500|Cavium CNS2132 250MHz ARM9 (ARMv4)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4500.jpg|TS-4500|TS-4500|Cavium CNS2132 250 MHz ARM9 (ARMv4)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4200.jpg|TS-4200|TS-4200|Atmel AT91SAM9G20 400MHz ARM9 (ARMv5)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4200.jpg|TS-4200|TS-4200|Atmel AT91SAM9<br>400 MHz ARM9 (ARMv5)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4100.jpg|TS-4100|TS-4100|NXP i.MX6ul 528MHz Cortex-A7 (ARMv7)}}
| {{ProductPreview|File:TS-4100.jpg|TS-4100|TS-4100|NXP i.MX6ul<br>696 MHz Cortex-A7 (ARMv7)}}

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1 TS-Sockets

1.1 Macrocontrollers

TS-4900 Freescale i.MX6
1 GHz Cortex-A9
TS-4800 Freescale i.MX515 800 MHz Cortex-A8
TS-4740 Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), FPGA
TS-4720 Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), eMMC
TS-4712 Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), 2 Eth
TS-4710 Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5), 2 mSD
TS-4700 Marvell PXA166
800 MHz Mohawk (ARMv5)
TS-4600 Freescale i.MX283 454 MHz ARM9E (ARMv5)
TS-4500 Cavium CNS2132 250 MHz ARM9 (ARMv4)
TS-4200 Atmel AT91SAM9
400 MHz ARM9 (ARMv5)
TS-4100 NXP i.MX6ul
696 MHz Cortex-A7 (ARMv7)

1.2 Baseboards

TS-8700 2W Modbus, 4 Ethernet
TS-8500 Socket Development, USB OTG
TS-8200 Basic Development, USB Host/Device
TS-8160 PC104, CAN, Low Power
TS-8150 PC104, CAN, Low Power
TS-8100 PC104, CAN, 2x Ethernet

1.2.1 Touchscreens

TS-TPC-8950 10" 800x600 resistive touch, PC104
TS-TPC-8900 10" 800x600 resistive touch, PC104
TS-TPC-8390 7" 800x480 resistive touch

2 Single Board Computers

2.1 ARM

TS-7970 Freescale i.MX6 1GHz Cortex-A9
TS-7800 Marvell MV88F5182 500MHz Arm9
TS-7800-V2 Marvell a385 1.3GHz Cortex-A9
TS-7700 Marvell PXA168 1066MHz ARM9
TS-7680 Freescale i.MX28 454 MHz Arm9
TS-7670 Freescale i.MX28 454 MHz Arm9
TS-7600 Freescale i.MX283 454 MHz Arm9
TS-7580-BOX Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7558-BOX Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7553 Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7553-V2 NXP i.MX6ul 696MHz Cortex-A7
TS-7552 Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7550 Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7520-BOX Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7500 Cavium CNS2132 250Mhz Arm9
TS-7400 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9
TS-7400-V2 Freescale i.MX28 454 MHz Arm9
TS-7370 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9
TS-7350 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9
TS-7300 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9
TS-7260 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9
TS-7250 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9
TS-7250-V2 Marvell PXA168 1066MHz ARM9
TS-7200 Cirrus Logic EP9302 200 MHz Arm9

2.2 Touchscreens

TS-TPC-7990 7" Multi-display i.MX6 TPC
TS-7395 7" 800x480 resistive touch with POE
TS-7390 7" 800x480 resistive touch

2.3 Application Kits

TS-COMBOX Multiple Serial Port Box

2.4 X86

2.4.1 AMD

TS-5700 AMD Elan520 133MHz 586
TS-5600 AMD Elan520 133MHz 586
TS-5500 AMD Elan520 133MHz 586
TS-5400 AMD Elan520 133MHz 586
TS-5300 AMD Elan520 133MHz 586

2.4.2 Intel

TS-3400 Intel 386EX 33 MHz
TS-3300 Intel 386EX 33 MHz
TS-3200 Intel 386EX 25 MHz
TS-3100 Intel 386EX 25 MHz
TS-2800 Intel 386EX 25 MHz
TS-2200 Intel 386EX 25 MHz
TS-2100 Intel 386EX 25 MHz

3 PC104 Peripherals

TS-MULTI-104 Multitech GPRS Modem
TS-POE100 Power Over Ethernet
TS-NVRAM2 Non-Volatile Memory
TS-NVRAM Non-Volatile Memory
TS-13W Power Supply
TS-BAT3 Battery Backup
TS-BAT10 Battery Backup
TS-RF2-CF IDE Compact Flash
TS-MODEM2 56K Modem
TS-MODEM 36.6K Modem
TS-ETH10 Ethernet Port
TS-ETH100 Ethernet Port
TS-ETH2 2x Ethernet Ports
TS-IRIDIUM Iridium Modem
TS-RF2-AERO Aerocomm Modem
TS-SER1 Serial Port
TS-SER2 Serial Ports
TS-SER4 Serial Ports
TS-ISO485 RS422/RS485
TS-ADC24 24 ADC Chanels
TS-RELAY8 8 Configurable SPDT relays
TS-9700 ADC
TS-DIO24 Digital IOs
TS-DIO64 Digital IOs
TS-9300 SBC Boot Peripheral for TS-2000 series
TS-9420 Production Flash Replication
TS-9422 Post code
TS-9500 VGA/Keyboard/CF
TS-9600 IDE
TS-12W Power Supply

4 Enclosures


5 Modbus Peripherals

TS-1800 14 ADC, 8 DO, 16 DI
TS-1700 8X DIO/1-Wire Temp Sensor
TS-1400 6x 24VDC Relays